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“Ignorance” Kills the Cat

Greetings!!! With regards to the title highlighted above, It has been worrisome that most of the UTP’s students are confused, or not aware of the roles that RCSU plays as a student body. In this entry, I'll explain and clarify what really is RCSU and what makes us different from other student bodies or management.RCSU VS RC MANAGEMENT:What is RCSU? RCSU can be simply put as the medium between students and the RC Management (which students always refer to as block O, or villages’ offices) in handling the welfare of students. In other words, we connect students to RC management. RCSU iS NOT RC MANAGEMENT!!! We are responsible to voice out your opinions to the management, taking care of your welfare, helping out the staffs, but again, we are not the staffs of RC management. So far so clear? You can always refer to us if you have any doubts or are confused. Is Internet under RCSU Responsibility?NO. Anything related to internet is not under RCSU responsibility. In fact, ITMS of UTP is…

Accommodation Fees For Every Village

With the new semester structure, you might wonder how much is the fees for the room I'm staying for each semester. Well, the table below will answers your uncertainties. VillageSingle Room (RM)Double Room (RM)Old Village -37.50 X 16 weeksV1 and V240 X 16 weeks30 X 16 weeksV3, V4 and V5-40 X 16 weeks (+ RM 20)* Additional RM 20 for new villages- V3, V4 and V5 is charged for the utilities inside the house like fridge, pantry etc.