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17 February 2017

Memo accommodation for March16 and July16 batch

Assalamualaikum and Hi. Attached below are the memo for accommodation March16 and July16 batch. Kindly share the memo to the related parties. Thank you

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16 February 2017


Together with Chinese New Year Fiesta by ROAR, this time RECMO XV is going to provide you scrumptious food endlessly!

-Western Food
-Potato Spring
-Mango Ice Blended
-Your ultimate fav ayam gunting
ANDDD promise you there will be many more to come!
So don't forget to save your date on these *18&19 February at Student Square*!

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10 February 2017


Have you ever came across these situations?
1. You want to host a dining event or a party but you can't find the suitable, comfy venue. 
2. You want to cook meals for yourself or for your friend's birthday but you are not allowed to do so in the hostel.
3. You have all the ingredients for a perfect meal but not the right utensils.
4. You want to make a food business but you don't have a big place to cook.

We have the perfect solution for you ! 

V3 Dining Room is now open for reservation.
Contact the PIC for further details
Dinie Hakimi : 013-5060257
Syazwani : 017-2042795

Please be reminded again that students are NOT allowed to bring in and consume any non-halal meat (bacon and pork) and alcoholic substances in the dining room!!
Thank you for your cooperation!

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