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About RCSU

Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) is an established student body that primarily serves as a medium between Residential College (RC) Management and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS students.

With a tagline of “Unity in Diversity Ignites Integrity”, RCSU strived hard in managing students’ welfare since the early days of its establishment by taking the role as the organizer for the students’ activities in the residential village, helping the residential college management in handling the placement of all the students in the residential village especially to the new students and also helping the management in solving related problems related to residential village.

We have four departments which are Welfare, Public Relation, Economy & Entrepreneurship and Promotion & Publication. Standing at the same level with other large student bodies in UTP, our top priority is handling the students’ welfare which is highly incorporated in whatever we do, wherever we go and whenever it is possible.

To be a medium between students and RC management in handling the students welfare.

  • To be a platform in handling students welfare.
  • To enhance professionalism among the RCSU members.
  • To develop soft skills and leadership skills among the students.
  • To contribute to the society throughout the organized events by RCSU .

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