Residential College Mesra Outreach (RECMO)

          Residential College Mesra Outreach (RECMO) programme is one of the annual programs organized by Residential College Support Unit of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTPRCSU). This programme is focused to expose the students especially the members of UTPRCSU to the society from various level of age such as adults and children. Through this programme, students are expected to fulfil their responsible as a youth and carry out their social obligations. This programme also aims to create bonding with the community involved and also to rekindles sense of belonging towards the society especially the needy one.

          The main objective of this programme is to promote students to carry their responsibility towards the community, especially to the students who are less fortunate through the activities carry in this programme such as motivational and self-development talk that will be held in the villages.  This programme is one of the route to proof that UTP’s students regardless of their life background and education are concerned of the welfare of the people in the community and that the students are willing to share their knowledge and experience with the younger citizen outside the circle of UTP. Not only that, the students of UTP will have the chance to improve their soft skills and self-confidence in conducting an event. Thus, a better and well- rounded leader for the future will be born among the students of UTP.

  • Create awareness among students about difficulties in other areas which usually  get less attention from people these days
  • To promote a better social interactions between the university students and the communities in Perak.
  • To produce a well-rounded students aligned with the UTP objective
  • Inculcate students to give contribution to the nation besides completely focusing  on education

Here is the list of previous RECMO:
  • 2014 - Kg. Nelayan Kuala Kurau, Kerian, Perak
  • 2013 - Kg. Beng, Lenggong, Perak
  • 2012 - Kg. telaga Nenas, Ayer Tawar, Perak
  • 2009 - Kg. Felda Ijok, Selama, Perak
  • 2008 - Kampung Jelempuk, Arau, Perlis
  • 2007 - Sekolah Orang Asli di Kinta, Perak
  • 2006 - Pelajar dari rumah anak yatim
  • 2005 - Asrama Semai Bakti FELDA Kuala Lumpur, Lembah Keramat
  • 2004 - Tampin, Negeri Sembilan
  • 2003 - Rumah anak yatim di Perak
  • 2002 - Kampung Tersusun, Taiping, Perak