RCSU Solves Celcom Network Coverage in UTP

The year 2009 has brought with it such a wonderful gift to all UTP students. The phone network coverage for all CELCOM users has been improved drastically. Majority of UTP students are using three types of phone network service provider which are DiGi, CELCOM, as well as MAXIS. However, many students faced problems with the network coverage on campus. This is due to the poor phone coverage in the residential villages, especially at Village 3, Village 4 and Village 5. Most of the residents in those villages do not receive a clear phone coverage that enables them to make phone calls or send a single message. This problem has led to many problematic miscommunications. Some students were forced to go outside of their block just to make a phone call. Therefore, to overcome this problem, Welfare department of Residential College Support Unit of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTPRCSU) has taken some actions. They are:-

· Petition
Petitions have been distributed among a number of UTP students in order to identify the places on campus that were facing this problem. The petitions were also handed out to get the approval and support from the students of UTP for any further actions taken by UTPRCSU.

· Survey
Surveys were also conducted by our department to the students who were staying at the different villages, as well as to the staff of UTP.

· Negotiation with network service provider.
Based on the analysis from the survey and the petition conducted, we have decided to deal directly with the network service provider at the nearest branch from UTP. The negotiation took a few months to go through all the process.
The following is a summary of our negotiation:
Our complaint was responded by CELCOM Malaysia Berhad. They identified the main reason why UTP received poor network coverage which was the coverage from the CELCOM site towards UTP main entrance was being blocked by UTP peak area (Water Tank Area). Then the Field Operation Department of CELCOM Malaysia Berhad, led by Mr Shafia Harikan has taken some actions in order to overcome this problem. CELCOM Malaysia Berhad has agreed to place one receiver tower near UTP to improve the reception of the coverage. The receiver tower has been placed outside of the campus and it is located near the water tank area.

We (UTPRCSU) are having a further discussion with CELCOM Malaysia Berhad on how to make all the network service providers such as DiGi and MAXIS become better. Based on the explanation given by CELCOM’s representative, we have been told that any joint venture with other network service providers can only be implemented after six months, starting from the day CELCOM Malaysia Berhad placed the receiver tower nearby UTP. We are looking forward to make other network coverage better for the benefit of all UTP students.