01 November 2014

Supervisor Work Schedule Pertaining To Room Keys - Nov 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hi,
Attached is the RV supervisor’s after office hour Work Schedule.
For November 2014 only.

Thank you.
p/s: Kindly please be informed that it will be updated every month.

MPPUTP – RCSU UTP – ITMS Meeting On Internet Issues

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.
Assalamualaikum n hi,
Alhamdulillah. MPPUTP in collaboration with RCSU UTP had an engagement with ITMS to done clarification and to fight for our rights as students on current internet issue that had been bothering us since the past few weeks. We do take it seriously since we do well – informed this is an essential tool to us as a student.
Below are some of the clarifications being made by ITMS and some solutions that had been fully agreed among the meeting members.

• MAXIS Tower
For now, ITMS team had been continuously pushing the MAXIS team to supervise on the current condition that had been shut down due to HSE purpose. InsyaAllah by the end of this year, the tower will be operating as usual.
• Internet Connection Went Down During Lightning Strike
ITMS explained that during lightning strike, the strike automatically triggers the trip to protect the device and thus, causing the connection to be went off all of a sudden. However, it is noted that, if there is any Internet connection breakdown in villages, ITMS will be alerted to that and shall fix it as soon as possible.
• Usage of ITMS Service Desk System
Should anyone of us is having problems regarding the Internet, please do utilize the ITMS Service Desk at this link stated here http://itservicedesk.utp.edu.my/ .ITMS are ready to help you in the issue, InsyaAllah. However, please do inform them through the link and follow the steps to done your complaints.

For us, the implementation of the Internet quota without informing us first-hand is unacceptable. Due to that reasons, we bring your voices to ITMS and few solutions had been agreed with certain amendments.
• We have been informed that the Quota System had been implemented by the ITMS due to extreme rate of downloading per usage compared to the amount of the data provided.
• We have also been told that this system is done in order to give equality to all students in terms of sharing the Internet since our Internet is a sharing basis and have to be used equally among all 6000++ students in the campus with just only 200 Mb per seconds. ITMS noticed before this there were some group of students who are heavy users and ITMS feels that this causes unfairness to other students who purposely need the service for their academic matters.
• There is no limitation in the browsing and the downloading speed on the Internet. It merely only effects on how much the rate of internet consumption based on the quota of 2GB per daily basis. For example, with the correct timing of using the net (Avoiding peak hours), students can have a good speed of downloads up to 2MB (maximum) per seconds. While, for browsing only with the same condition, students can have up to 500 kb (maximum) per seconds just for browsing. In other words, the speed is not capped at all for browsing and downloading.
• For students who do wish to use an unlimited amount of quota with greater speed for their academic purpose, computer laboratories in either Block 1 or 2 in Chancellor Complex is opened to them. Please do use them if you want to download anything related to your academic regardless of soft wares or any additional materials.
• As for now, ITMS is currently upgrading the system to a certain extent of quota that is fully sufficient for students’ usage on academic and also during leisure time. Thus, the system is actually on trial. Hence, they welcomed any comments that are practical to be implemented on this upcoming system.

We do hope that with this information disseminated to all, at least we can get a glance on how and why this system is suddenly being implemented in the campus. Continuous collaboration between MPPUTP and RCSU.

Credit to:
 Muhd Hafizi
Exco 1 Welfare

RECMO XIII 2014 Sneek Peak

Assalamualaikum n hi,
RECMO XIII has come to the end!! A big applause to all RECMO XIII committees as the event went successfully.. Great event, great committees, great epilogue..

Here is the sneak peak about what we have done throughout the programme at Kg. Nelayan.. Please enjoy!!

Great is it? but wait.. Want to know more? Here is our journey throughout this event..

Interested to join? See you for the next RECMO..

Project Manager: Nurul Aishah Binti Mohd Nor
Asisstant Project Manager: Muhammad Shahidi Bin Ahmad

Thank you Kg. Nelayan, Kuala Kurau.

23 October 2014

Fun For Fund Festival by RECMO XIII 2014

RECMOXIII proudly brings to all UTP-ians, FUN FOR FUND FESTIVAL! Many activities were ready to cheer your evening, people.As had been promoted, our Fun for Fund Festival had been held on 11th and 12th October 2014. Thank you everyone for making that festival successful. That was a splendid evening! And thank you for visiting our booth in MMK on the last monday to wednesday. We are nothing without you..

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