02 February 2016

Biodegradable Food Containers Implementation

Assalamualaikum and Hi,
Attention to ALL STUDENTS,
Please be informed that starting
1st February 2016,
Only BIODEGRADABLE FOOD CONTAINERS will be used to pack food.
All UTP Cafes are required to use this container(s).
Reports on cafe operators to each respective VILLAGE SUPERVISOR if this directive is not compiled.

01 February 2016


Greeting UTP students,
Remember previously we invited Malaysia's First Astronaut here in UTP to inspire and motivate us about our life.
Excited to know who'll be coming this time to inspire you about Health, Safety & Environment? Or wanna be a part of it to make this things happen??
Yes! We are now recruiting new members to join this big event, HSE Expo. Come on and join us! Be a big part of it and inspire others.
See you on this 1st or 2nd February at V3 meeting room for a short interview.
Any inquiries, please contact:
Amin- 0125050174
Farhani- 0142648707
Good luck.

18 January 2016

RCSU 2016 Recruitment Open For Application

Assalamualaikum and hi,
  • Want to develop your soft skills?
  • Have a great determination in handling welfare of the students?
  • Called to contribute towards the society?
  • Interested to become our Ohana and wondering what is it?

So let's join us. Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) has opened the recruitment for the new members. We are welcoming all March 15 and July 15 students to submit your application.

  • Enhance your leadership skill for your profession requirement.
  • Boost up your confidence level in persuading the people around.
  • Develop your critical thinking in handling the issues arose.
  • Work as a team and feel the strong bond in the organization.
  • Release work stress with many exciting internal activities.
  •  and many more!!
Submit your application now!
Click the document below:
  1. Form A (Online Submission)
  2. Form B (Manual Submission)
  3. Application Guideline  
p/s: Please refer the application guideline for any inquiry.
    See you during the recruitment. We really seek for the best player for the organization. Let's become our ohana!!

    "Ohana means family and in family, nobody will be left behind"

    A few gifts for you:

    06 January 2016

    List of Occupied Room for Jan 2016 Semester

    Online room registration will open on Friday 8th January 2016. Click here for the list of occupied room for Jan 2016 semester. The room are mostly occupied by May11, Jan12 CIS, May12 CIS, March15 and July15 intake. Your cooperation to register in other rooms are highly appreciated.
    Please read the Memo Accommodation for Jan 2016 semester here:
    Kindly spread the news to all UTP students. Thank you!

    Muhammad Hafiz Hadi Bin Sumardi
    Residential College Support Unit

    30 December 2015

    RV supervisor’s after office hour work schedule - January 2016

    Good day and hi everyone,
    Attachment below is the Residential Village Supervisor duty list after office hour for January 2016.
    If you have any problems regarding the hostel issues, kindly contact the supervisors through the hotline service number 016-5546961 instead of reaching them through the personal numbers of RV.

    You can contact them during this operating hour only:
    Monday - Friday: 6.00pm -11.30pm
    Saturday, Sunday & public holiday: 8.00am - 10pm
    Besides, we are here to remind you that please reach the Residential Hotline Service first when you are have a problem with your hostel. As an alternative, you can contact RCSU key holder for respective village.
    Please spread the good news and have a nice day ahead!
    Thank you.

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