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22 September 2016

Recruitment Drive RCSU UTP SEPT 2016

[Recruitment Drive RCSU UTP SEPT 2016]
Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) is an established student body that primarily serves as a medium between Residential College Management and students. Now we are recruiting new members to be part of us.
Come and join us! 
The application form can be obtained via
1) from any Residential Village offices or
2) online application form from RCSU blog at http://utprcsu.blogspot.my
After you have filled in the form, submit the form to:
1) Any RCSU members
2) Any Residential Village offices
3) During Minggu Mesra Kampus
Due date of form submission: 28 September 2016

Online Application Form : Click Here
Download Application Form : Click Here

Visit us at:
1) RCSU UTP facebook page
2) www.utprcsu.blogspot.com
or email us at

24 August 2016

Guidelines for Residency In Sept 2016 Semester

Assalam and hi,

Attached below are the guideline for residency in Sept 2016 semester. Kindly read and try to understand all the guideline given. Please spread the news to all UTP students. Thank you.

Visit us at:
- 1) RCSU UTP facebook page
- 2) www.utprcsu.blogspot.com
or email us at
- utprcsu@gmail.com

15 July 2016

RV supervisors after office hour Work Schedule

Salam and Hi. Kindly contact RV supervisor using the hotline number if you have any business after office hour.
Thank you
or email us at
Thank you

21 June 2016

Funding For Potential Entrepreneur & Business Among Students

Salam and Hi 👋

Are you facing these problems : -
1.Lacking of funding in your business?
2. Does not have capital to start your dream business?

KOSISWA has the answer for it . KOSISWA is a group of students and alumni of UTP. They have the source that can support students of UTP for start up or innovate your own business .
KOSISWA envision to enhance students involvement in entrepreneurship  in line with  UTP Mission to promote business sense and entrepreneurship among students.

We are delightful to invite all of UTP student send your proposal that consist of your business plan, objective, capital and also the benefit to the student.

The selected proposal will be given the fund between RM 500- RM 5000 . The grant receipient will be announced during Residential College Oustanding Achievement and Recognition ( ROAR) night.

So, what are you waiting for ? Come and join us!!

All the best and Good luck to all of you :)

download : Application Form

or email us at
Thank you

14 June 2016

Storeroom For July 2015 Students

Assalamualaikum and hi,
RCSU UTP will open storeroom for foundation july 2015 students. The details on the time that we will open the storeroom are as follows:

or email us at
Thank you

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