UTP Campus Closed For a Week

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS’s campus was closed from 31st July - 6th August 2009 due to the increasing number of Influenza Like Illness (ILI) among its’ students. During that period, all students were required to leave campus as disinfection works were to be done all over campus, including the hostels.
Thus, UTP students had to return at least one room key, including their padlock keys to their respective Residential Village offices. This is so the workers can gain access into their rooms and wardrobes to disinfect it. Failure to do so result in disciplinary action against students and their padlocks were forced open.

Fortunately, many students complied with the rules set by the management, and their checkout was handled smoothly by Village Supervisors with the help of Residential College Support Unit (RCSU). RCSU members also assisted the management by following the workers to each room during disinfection works to ensure that nothing untoward happen to the students’ belongings. However, the management and RCSU are not responsible for any stolen belongings.

Upon returning, students have to first undergo H1N1 screening before they are permitted to enter the campus. The screening was conducted at Main Hall during office hours and at the main gate for those who arrived after office hours. Students who are declared healthy (body temperature below 37.5°C) are given a ‘Health Screening Card’ which is orange in colour. Students had to present this card at the Residential Village office to obtain their room key. This card must also be carried at all times and students are not permitted to enter the campus without it.

All these strict rules have been imposed by UTP management as a necessary precaution to control H1N1 outbreak among the students. Before the campus was closed, there were already 3 confirmed cases in UTP. We hope that all students realise the gravity of this pandemic and will thus pay more attention to their personal hygiene as a preventive measure.