9 Free TIPS that Must Be Followed to Become a Richer Person

  1. Take good care of your room key (SUMMON RM20 if you lose it)
  2. Make sure your rooms and locker are free from padlocks (SUMMON RM20 if locked)
  3. Remember to lock your doors after doing clearance (SUMMON RM20 if unlocked)
  4. Do tidy up your rooms during clearance (SUMMON RM20 if left untidy)
  5. Always remember to return your room key and submit the clearance form during sem break (SUMMON RM20 if unreturned)
  6. Please make sure to register your room before the deadline (SUMMON RM30-rm50 if late)
  7. Always make sure you park your bicycle at the designated area (SUMMON RM30 if parked recklessly)
  8. Kindly keep in mind that you cannot stay in room after the clearance date (SUMMON RM20 if caught)
  9. To become a lot richer, please make sure you know and abide to all residential rules and regulation or be prepared to cash out for SUMMONS!!!