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13 September 2010

Application for Final Year Students Staying in Hostel

Already in final year?

Need to stay over in UTP for your final project?

These smart steps may help you :

1. Call v5 office desk, and ask the supervisor in charge when they will start to charge for final year students that stay for their final year project

2. Before the day that all residents are being charged, all the residents should pay the extra fee (for staying during holiday) at the finance department (beside IRC)

3. Submit the receipt that you have got from the finance department to the V5 office

4. Stick the notice that you have got the approval from supervisor from v5 office outside your room door

5. Finally, you can start your final year project calmly, good luck.
Thank you in advance for following all the rules by Residential College management.

p/s: Warning! if you happen to broke the rules, you will be fined RM50 + for rent fees too...

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