Beware pervert guy in v5 girl block

Recently, there is a serious case regarding the a guy entering a female residential that is in v5. We believe his intention is to steal the ladies undergarments. The ulterior motives behind the case is still unknown. But of course there are still unclear intention and as a precaution measure, we can assume the worst. The guy was trying to enter the female residential twice. On his first attempt during the midnight was believed is failed due to a aware resident shock him out although one of his feet was already in the room. This was happened before the mid term break that was Hari Raya break.

On the 2nd attempt, happened during the 3rd night of the break, was also failed at 11pm. This time was the guards in charge in the village shift their work time and perhaps the guard on duty are on their way. Fortunately, a group of female students who just came back from having their meal found him red handed. The bad thing was, he was already on the 4th floor of v5 K. There was an attempt to catch this perv. Unfortunately, the girls may not have enough courage to deal with him plus, the guy was really quick.

Although there was an action taken by the students to report this matter to the police, the security of UTP didnt allow any outsiders to deal with this matter.

Note*the story above however still under investigation and the truth behind it still classified as a rumor. we have to wait for the university authority to clarify this matter. Hopefully that all of the UTP students please be aware of this matter. Pray that our harmony open-minded environment university didnt spoiled because of this matter.

RCSU and RC management with the collaboration of UTP security will take serious measure regarding this matter.

So, as a precaution measure we hope that all of you please avoid getting near to the other sex residential area.

Thank you.