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08 September 2010

How to Reserve Meeting Room?

Do you need privacy to have your own meeting?
Do you need a
room for it?
In RC, we have the solution for you...

There are a lot more vacant rooms in your village you can use...

Here is the flow:

1. Meet the supervisor at the respective village office for
ASKING THE AVAILABILITY OF THE ROOM and for the BOOKING PURPOSE ONLY (depends on which room you want to use) Here is the detail :

MEETING ROOM V2 (v2 foyer) >> block O office
MEETING ROOM V3 >> v3 office
MEETING ROOM V4 >> v4 office
MEETING ROOM V5 >> v5 office
RC MEETING ROOM (v2) >> kak Safinah (013-4331959)

2. Get the room key
one day before the meeting or during office hour and pay your deposits..

3. After use, please
return the room key and you will get back your deposits

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