Just Return From Your Internship? Need a room?

Just return from your internship?
Need a room?

1) Write a letter
in the letter you should have:

- intro + your details + your request to have a room

- specific room you want to move to (put in table form)

- if you want to stay with your friends, you can share the same letter...

2) Send the letter to V5 supervisor and cc to Mr. Wan Tarmizi (via email), Manager of Residential Village

supervisor email:

BOYS send to - Mr Yusri : ahmadyusri@petronas.com.my
GIRLS send to - Mdm Norashikin : norashikin_abdullah@petronas.com.my
cc to - Mr. Wan Tarmizi : wantarmizi@petronas.com.my

So, male students have to send the letter to Mr. Yusri and Mr. Wan Tarmizi while female students have to send the email to Mdm Norashikin and Mr. Wan Tarmizi. Kindly attach the softcopy of the letter in the email.

Meet the Supervisor at V5 office to get your room key.

For your information, you can choose your own roommate. However you can only stay in the block assigned by the management. This is because the vacant block need to undergo maintenance. Returning Internship students will be resided at Village 5 only except for special case (base on request i.e. quite a distance from the respective academic blocks with no transportation).

The blocks will be as follows:

V5A - Postgraduate Students
V5D - International Undergraduate Students
V5B - Internship
V4D - Postgraduate and International Undergraduate Students
V3E - Postgraduate and International Undergraduate Students

V5H & V5K - Internship, Postgraduate and International Undergraduate Students.

Thank you for following all the rules by RC management.

editted on: 5th September 2011