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11 October 2010

New Line of HICOMS for 2010/2011 RCSU!!!


On 9th of October (Saturday), an annual general meeting was conducted to elect the new high committees of RCSU for 2010/ 2011 session. The AGM was conducted successfully and new line of HICOMS was created:

PRESIDENT: Abdul Muizz bin Ismail

Abdul Muizz bin Ismail

DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Muhammad Muzammil bin Abdul Munir

VICE PRESIDENT 1: Nur 'Amirah binti Hassan

Nur 'Amirah binti Hassan

VICE PRESIDENT 2: Mohd Shahrul Ezwan bin Ismail

Mohd Shahrul Ezwan bin Ismail

SECRETARY 1: Siti Nazirah binti Ramli


SECRETARY 2: Tay Mei Chen

Tay Mei Chen

TREASURER 1: David Bong

David Bong

TREASURER 2: Adibah Hani Binti Azit

Adibah Hani bt Azit

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