Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.

We, UTPRCSU would like to remind you guys about some of the rules and regulation of the residential college.

  •   You are not allowed to change room once allocated
  •   Be considerate to your roommate and neighbors
  •   No visitors are allowed into the room
  •   Visitors of different gender are strictly not allowed into the room
  •   If you lost your room key, you may be given a replacement key but will be charged for it
  •   Do not hang clothes on the windows or balcony
  •   Use the dustbin provided as you are responsible for the cleanliness of your own room
  •   Keep your door and windows locked especially when leaving the room
  •   Switch off the lights and fan when not in use or leaving the room
  •   Smoking is strictly prohibited
  •   Non-halal product (any pork products and alcoholic drink) is strictly prohibited in the premises
  •   Pets are not allowed in the premises
  •   Students will be charged for any losses/ damaged to UTP properties in the premises

**RC Management had placed green cards at each floor of each block in every village. Please read the card description, understand it and follow the instruction given.

Simple and easy to follow isn’t it? Together, let’s make our hostel a better and conducive place to live. ^^

-Unity In Diversity Ignites Integrity -