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04 October 2010

RM 0.50 is everywhere!

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Good news to all of UTP students!

You don't need to worry when to wash your clothes.
You don't need to worry to find the 50 cents.
You don't need to postpone your washing for a few week just because do not have 50cents.
You don't need to find your friends and exchange the money.
You don't need to wait to wash your clothes anymore.

Therefore, here we bring the centers of money changer around UTP.
You can have 50 cents everywhere;

Cafe Sajian Ria

Cafe Sayang

Aroma Cafe
Mini Market V3

Anjung Rawa

Al-Quds Cafe
Mini Market V5

Old Village:
NV Curry House

Pocket D:
Cafe Paprika

Lets enjoy our washing now.

Washing Machine: RM2.50
Dryer: RM2.50

Thank you.

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