Things you should know before going back for holidays

Exams are finally over. Hooray! Before going back home, here are some matters that you should take note:

  • Students must vacate their room in clean condition by December 3rd 2010. Fine will be imposed on the occupants if the room is left uncleaned.
  • Students are to vacate the rooms by removing their personal belongings and sent them home. Any belongings or personal items left behind will be disposed.
  • Due to limited space for storing, we will only provide a store for International and Sabah/Sarawak students. Other students are advised to take their belongings home.
  • The university will not be responsible for any losses or damages of any belongings stored.
  • Students are not allowed to park their bicycles/motorcycles inside the building (common room and pathways). Please park them at the designated areas.
  • All room keys must be returned personally to the Residential College Office during office hours. Extended hours for clearance will be on the 27 & 28 November 2010. Please sign your name after returning the keys together with the tag.
  • A fine of RM20 will be imposed on the students who lost or did not hand in their room keys. Students who lost the keys should pay the fine before going back for holidays. Failed to do so will unable you to register for a place at the residential college next semester.
  • All students must submit the clearance form before vacating their units. The form can be obtained from the office of residential college. 
  • If any of the equipment or furniture found to be not functioning, not clean or missing, the management will impose a fine on the resident to repair or replace them.
  • We do not entertain students who requested to stay at the hostel during the semester break/holidays without any concrete reason. Students who have to stay back in the university during the break must get the approval from RC management by filling in the application form (RC-06).
  • Final year students who wish to stay to work on their FYP must get endorsement from the respective program head. Those who stay will have to pay rental RM40 per week.
  • International students who are not going back to their respective countries for the holidays must get the endorsement from the International Students Unit.

Happy holiday from UTP RCSU! Use your free time wisely ^^