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Something BIG is going on this semester!

This semester, UTPRCSU proudly brings you

This time, we've planned a lot of activities for you to join.

HAZARD HUNT Hunt for the 'treasures' around the Chancellor Complex and win the exclusive prizes. 3 members per team

Test your knowledge about HSE. You will get extra courework marks for the course as well. 3 members per team

PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION Good in photography? Show us your talent. Shoot some photos and win attractive prizes

FUN RIDE A cycling event around Tronoh, Kg Bali, Kg Orang Asli Air Denak, Bandar Universiti, Taman Farmasi and Taman Teknologi (approximately 25km)

BYE-BYE RUBBISH Recycling campaign. Bring along (at least) 500gm of rubbish to recycle and sell ,and u'll get free chocolate *limited to first 100 person only

BLOOD DONATION Every drop counts. Donate blood today! Door gift provided!

EARTH HOUR Save energy, save the earth. Swith off the light for one hour. This earth hour, go beyond the hour.

WORST CASE SCENARIO What should you do during an emergency? Don…

Forum Perdana Hal Ehwal Islam, live at UTP!

Needless to say, let's go guys! Much more knowledge and information can be gain there! :D

Happy Chinese New Year.

brought to you by: UTPRCSU