Clarification on Cooking Prohibition in the Hostel


Clarification on Cooking Prohibition in the Hostel by Residential Village Management

The following are several points in which had made the Residential Village Management to prohibit any cooking activities in the Hostel.

1. For safety reasons. There were 2 fire incidents in hostel because of cooking. Pantries' electrical sockets are designed for boiling water, to prepare light breakfast but not for heavy cooking using heating coil, etc. Proof:

2. For better cleanliness, prevent bad smell, most of students throw cooking waste to void area via window & into the sink – caused pipe clogging – high maintenance cost.

3. Reduce number of false fire alarms, which frequently happen due to smoke from cooking.

4. Electricity saving – one heating coil electricity rating is about 2 KW. If every student using heating coil, rice cooker etc. UTP spent RM6 mil yearly for electricity of which only 18% goes to air-cond. 82% goes to ‘others’ such as hostel.

5. We intent to create safe, conducive & green Village environment, thus cooking in the hostel is not the solution.

6. No hostel in other universities allowed their students cooking in the room.

7. No cooking is part of hostel’s rules and regulations as stated in the students disciplinary handbook since 2005.

Hopefully this have given you clarification on prohibition of cooking in the hostel.

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