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Cleaning works Clarification

Regarding the cleaning works at V5 houses’ corridors/pantry areas and the enforcement of no-cooking policy, there are few items allowed to be used in the house. Water boiler, electric kettle, toaster, bowl, cups, spoons & forks & microwave ovens are allowed. Other cooking utensils,  stove, gas cylinders, rice cooker, personal washing machines, cooking oil & cooking raw materials will be confiscated
The objective  is to ensure better cleanliness of the houses, removing of all unused items that may inherited from previous students in order  to create more conducive/safe/hygienic residency for all. 

Any elements that could lead for cooking will be taken.

All damaged vinyl mat (tikar getah) will be removed and scheduled cleaning/buffing of all houses’ corridors & pantry’s time table will be issued as soon as possible.

The students are allowed to claim back their stuff upon graduation. Contract cleaners, RV staff, Security personnel will participate in this enforcement.
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Disposal of Old Bicycles