Renovation Works of Village 6 Bathrooms at UTP

Assalamualaikum and Hi

Dear all,

The upgrading works of bathrooms for village 6 will be start today (18/2/2013)
 for the markup unit at Duyung Block(ground floor). Kindly please give a
cooperation to contractor by notice the student that the noise and a
vibration will be produce while the construction works be held they.

Any complaint/report on site related the construction works can be
channel to M Zuhairi B M Salleh (012-4662241) or directly call the contractor, accept for
the changing of the specification which PMMD have determined earlier.

Prime Builders Sdn. Bhd.
Azizan Bin Ahmad : 013-5209303
Rasman Rashid : 019-5731462
Fouzi Elias : 012-5787901

Thank you.