Assalamualaikum and Hi! As per told from the last 2 post,
Sabah Sarawak and International Student
Student involve with OBS

Here is the document of Application for Temporary Accommodation. The application is valid for Sabah Sarawak, International and OBS student due to Petronas program and having a problem with flight schedule.
1. Download and print the form.
2. Fill up the form with necessary information.
3. Sent the form to Block O for approval starting on 4th January 2015
4 Only HARDCOPY of the form is accepted.
5. After receiving the room key, You can start moving your item into the temporary room.
6. Students (from 4-month &intern) can start to get their room keys by 12.00 noon on 11th January 2015.

7. The students who are going for intern or 4 month break can just return the keys before 6 pm on 11th.
Muhammad Hafiz Hadi bin Sumardi
Deputy President
Residential College Support Unit