Assalamualaikum and hi,
Dear students,
RCSU have made a discussion with RV Management regarding this issue just now.The points that have been discussed as below:
1. Remain in the same room for final year final semester
As stated in the post in SRCUTP 2010/2011 by Ku Nurasyiqin Ku Amir, it can be considered if your room has NOT been booked yet. Do approach the respective RV for registering.
For those who get the approval to stay in your current room, it is just for the semester break. You may stay during semester break and move to the other room if you CANNOT manage to register your room.
2. Remain in the same room.
If you CANNOT manage to register your room, kindly register for the other room. It is fair for the other person who already registered for that room as it is first come first serve basis. Kindly keep in mind to return your key by 5th May 2015 to respective RV office. Disciplinary action will be taken for the students who didn't do so. RV Management will not responsible for any loss of your stuffs as the room will be clear for the new owner.
3. Available beds(unbooked yet).
Attached is the number of available beds so far. Village 1, Village 2 and Village 6 Ruby have been reserved for July Intake. Please keep in mind the available beds are reducing. ITMS is currently struggling to solve the problem. Any further problem, you may report to ITMS.
*Deep apology for the title of the attached picture

4. Manual registration for those who are facing technical and financial difficulties.
Students who are in campus, you may approach the respective RV staffs for manual registration. For students from 4 months break/internship, you may email the respective RV to request the available room. Do show/attach your registration slips as the evidence you will be active for the next semester.
For MARA students, you may also manually register if your name are in the record. The name list as shown here.
Sorry for any inconvenience. RCSU has put our best to get the best solutions for all parties. Any recommendation/suggestion/complaint/idea is really appreciated. May God ease everything. Good luck for your final exam.
Thank you.