Residential Hotline Service

Assalamualaikum and hi,
Warmest greetings everyone,
Got problems that related to your villages? Or are you in need of advice and consultation from someone that you can rely on? With a tagline of '' We Listen, We Care '', RV management and Fellow council have now come with an effective medium for all of the students to reach them to lend their ears and to spend their time for you, which is Residential Hotline Service.
You can use this service according to your respective villages during this operating hour only:
Monday - Friday : 6.00pm -11.30pm
Saturday, Sunday & public holiday : 8.00am - 10pm
There will be RV and fellow who will be in charge for respective day to entertain students and also to take care of the students welfare.
To use this hotline service, you are reminded to call them through the stated numbers for respective villages instead of reaching them through the personal numbers of RV and fellows. Thus, if you have any problems, kindly please use the hotline first before contacting any RCSU members .
We hope that by the existence of Residential Hotline Service, the students welfare can be taken care of better than before.
Kindly refer to the attached photos for further details.
Please spread the good news and have a nice day ahead!
Thank you.