Good day and hi,
Attention for female students who staying in V2C, kindly to inform you that there is a pest control for bees in tonight (12/10/2015) at 10:00pm.For your information, there is a bee hive outside one of the room of V2C facing the side of V2E.
For the students who staying in V2C, you are advised to follow the instructions as below:
1. switch off all the light in your room and close your room windows wisely
with curtain.
2. switch off the light at the corridor, inside the toilet and also the light at
the area of washing cloth.
3. stay in your friend's room which is opposite (facing to the bus station)
when the pest control is in the process
If you fail to switch off the light, the management will cut down the electric supply due to the safety of everybody.
Please spread the news to your friends who staying in V2C.
Thank you and have a nice day.