Inter-Village Futsal League

Hello everyone,
Let's come together and grab this opportunity to join the inter-village futsal league.
Join us as a great team to show your teamwork and skills to be the best in this futsal tournament and be proud of your own village !
*1st prize:* RM500
*2nd prize:* RM300
*3rd prize:* RM150
Certificates will be given to all the participants

The details are:-
Team : 5-12 per team (All members are from the same village, no mixing of village residents)
Categories :
1) Male
2) Female
Fee : FOC
Day : Saturday and Sunday
Date : 3 & 4 December 2016
Venue: V5 court


Contact your village vrep for registration:
V1 - TUN AKIF (0175767001) & JIHAN HAZIQAH (01111661609)
V2 - IQBAL HAFIZ (016-4010987)
V3 - BRYAN (016-7988005)
V4 - TAN (014-3564559)
V5 - FAKRUL IMAN (0173073049)
V6- FAISAL (01110822649)
Sibc - RAMON MICHAEL (017-8702421)

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Thank you.