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V3B Common Room

Assalamualaikum n Hi.
Greetings from all member of RCSU.

We, Rcsu and village 3 student representatives (v3sr) have made some changes to the V3B common room. We have painted the wall and added some furniture. Besides, this was credited to the support by RV Management also.
We hope that with these, students can have a more comfortable place to study and having discussions.

There are some rules and regulations that you have to obey and please cooperate with us.
Rules & Regulations.
1. NO males are allowed here.
2. Please take off your shoes before entering.
3. Please throw the rubbish into the dustbin provided.
4. Please take care of the properties.
We are here to advised that, please appreciate the facilities provided, else it will be the first and the last.

Thank you

Printing Station in V3

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Great news to all students, there is a printing station which now operate at V3. This is an extension of the same service provided in Block 1 and IRC. For this moment, the service is applicable in Black & White.


Worried not, RV and RCSU will continue to improve this facility. :)
Thank you to Residential Village Department and IT Department of UTP.