Residential College Innovation Exhibition (RIX)

Residential College Innovation Exhibition (RIX) is a competition and exhibition, and opens to all UTP students. The event main objective is to expose students into existing problem in Residential College environment and by allowing them to think creatively in order to generate solutions. 


1. To increase students awareness about residential college environment

2. To become medium for students to develop creative innovation as in line with UTP vision & mission

3. To offer solutions for problems existing in residential college facilities

4. To develop creative and innovative thinking among UTP students
5. To introduce a systematic way of management for the residential college for the benefit of UTP community

Students can generate their ideas through several concepts of innovation:
1. Physical Improvement
- What kind of physical improvements can be added to the residential area
2. Communication
- How to enable students can communicate with RC Management in a more convenience way
3. Cleanliness
- How to help cleaners do their job
4. Security
- How to prevent crime in the hostels

Winners for RIX 2011

by Muhammad Syukri bin Mohd Shah

1st Runner Up - Earth Hour Everyday
by Mohamad Faiz, Arief Fikry 
and Muhammad Nasrullah

2nd Runner Up - Shoewall Bin
by Ahmad Zulfadhli bin Mohamad Hashim and Ahmad Hissamuddin bin Zulkifli