BEWARE: Snake Spotted!!


On last Saturday (6th November 2010), a student has been admitted to Hospital Batu Gajah after being bitten by MALAYAN PIT VIPER (ULAR KAPAK). This incident happens around 11 p.m. at the fire route behind v5K. However, the student is getting better now.
Hence, it is advised that all students take this seriously and be careful always.

To avoid any accident that could harm yourself, the following steps should be followed strictly:
1) Use bright walk paths which is always used by other people.
2) Always walk in group. NEVER WALK ALONE!!!
3) Ensure that you have saved this number. RAKAN SECURITY: 05 – 3688315.

It is truly hoped that students can stay alert about their own safety and follows the steps listed above strictly.

Good Luck with the final exam and Take Care!!!