Humanitirian Mission

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.

Starting from 5th to 8th of January 2011, several students from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) went to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for "Misi Khas Bantuan Kemanusiaan Gunung Merapi" due to the eruption of Mount Merapi in October 2010. The secretariat composed of combination of students representing their student bodies and clubs, namely Rakan Masjid UTP (RMUTP), Student Representative Council UTP (SRCUTP), Residential College Support Unit UTP (UTPRCSU), Media and Technology Club UTP (MEDTECH), and Hal Ehwal Siswi UTP (HELWIUTP) in collaboration with the Alumni UTP and South East Asian Regional Assembly of Muslim Youth (SARMY).

Up until now, more than 350 000 people have been terrified with the impact of Mount Merapi eruption. It was reported that 353 people died from the disaster, mostly as a result of the poisonous, hot ashes. Transportation and air forces are mostly delayed. More and more people are struggling, trying to face all the fear, trauma, poverty and hardship.

The mission was held after the first mission to help earthquake victims in Padang in the beginning of 2010. The mission was also held to show our concerns towards these victims of the volcano eruption in Yogyakarta. Members of the humanity mission will be in Yogyakarta to deliver donations and financial assistance in the form of food supplies, stationery, Al-quran and building materials to the people there. We are intending to help the people there to build a community center and repair damaged drainage systems. We will also provide motivational programs to help victims overcome the trauma due to the incident.

UTPRCSU 2010/2011
Misi Khas Bantuan Kemanusiaan Gunung Merapi