Clarification Regarding Accomodation for May 2015

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Dear students, 
Are you looking for some clarification? Feel free to spend your time to read this.

1. Why we need to vacate EVERY semester?
This policy has been achieved on Sept 2014. Accommodation inside of UTP is not sufficient for all students. Some students need to stay in SIBC. To make it fair, all students need to register through online room registration. First come first serve basis will be applied.

Note: As first come first serve basis will be applied, you need to vacate your room if you cannot manage to register your current room.

 2. But for this upcoming semester (MAY 2015), for those who manage to register their own room in V3 and V4 still need to vacate right? Why?'
Yes, you need. Start from 7th May until 13th May, there are two events will be held in UTP.  
i)  FLL Malaysia

There are around 1500-2000 participants and expected 700-1000 rooms will be used. RCSU already proposed to use the blocks those have been reserved for July 2015 intakes (V1C, V2B, V2C and V6; Ethana, Propana & Methana). But as both events are national level, RV management decided to use Village 3 and Village 4 to uphold UTP reputation. 

Note: Negotiations made by RCSU rejected.

3. When will course registration open? 
We already asked registrar for many times. But still, there is no exact date decided by them. Kindly refer to registrar department for clarification. 

Note: Neither RV management nor RCSU who decide the date for both course and room registration. As usual, room registration will be open THREE days after course registration.  

4. Is it true if I don't pay may fee I can not register for my room?
Yes. You will not be able to register for your course and room.

Note: Kindly refer finance department for the clarification. 

5. Why I need to register for the same room again?
When online registration is open, all room is available to be occupied except the one that have been reserved. Thus you have to register online in order to stay in the same room.

Note: It is regarding the policy for us to vacate every semester. First come first serve basis applied.  

6. Which batch will be in UTP during May 2015 semester?
Jan11, Jan12, May12, Jan13, May13, Jan14, May14, Jan15, March15

Note: May semester is the semester that all UTP students are in active sem.  

7. Why UTP internet is so slow?
The internet problem should be reported to ITMS. Kindly refer to ITMS for clarification
+605 368 8888

Note: Same goes to PRISM . Neither RV nor RCSU handle these job scopes. 

8. I do not want to vacate my room!
You may. Just make sure to register in the same room. If you get a different room, you can transfer your stuff in the new room (with the agreement with previous owner).

Note: Register for the same room if you don't want to vacate. Again, vacate if you cannot manage to register your current room.

9. Store room is provided?
Yes. Kindly refer here.

Note: Pay for the deposit only.

10. Why May14 student need to stay at V6 (for male) and V2 (for female)?
You have TWO choices. Do online registration or manually register for your room in V6. As your final result will be released late, so RV Management decided to put all May 14 students in V6(male) and V2(female). It is to avoid majority of you to stay in SIBC as it will be maybe no empty room left for you inside the campus (male).

Note: You may register online but it is recommended for you to manually register in V6(male) and V2(female).

11. When can May14 student register for the room?
May14 students can meet Mr Latifi (V6) and Mrs Azima (Block O) starting Monday 13 April 2015 until 16th April 2015 to register for the room.  

RCSU already put our best to discuss with RV Management to get the best decision for all of us. Really sorry for any inconvenience.  We also the students like you that will be affected by the decision made. If you have any recommendation/suggestion/idea, feel free to deliver to us for further action. Good luck for your final exam. :)