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28 August 2015

Meeting Update for Hostel Registration

Salam and Hi. Registry Department informed that course registration will open after final exam. Naturally all students need to vacate their room and do online room registration during semester break. To avoid such things from happening, RCSU and RV have decided on a few things
1. Students leaving for semester break must leave their room in a clean condition but can keep some of their belonging in the wardrobe. Make sure the wardrobe is lock by your own padlock. Last date to return your room key is on Monday 7th September 2015.
2. Please do not left your private belonging (laptop etc.) in the room as all the room will be cleaned by the cleaner. Any belonging that found outside the wardrobe will be taken away. RV will not be responsible for any lost items.
3. Student that leave their belonging in the wardrobe need to informed your respective RV staff when returning the key. RV will take note your room. If you return your room key via drop box, simply put a note on the envelope.
4. Student can take their new room key on Friday 18th September 2015. Starting Monday 21st September 2015 any wardrobe that have padlock will be cut and all items will be put outside of the room giving the right to new owner to use the wardrobe. RV will not be responsible for any lost items.
5. International, Sabah & Sarawak students who wish to stay in the same room shall register manually at the respective Village office and bring along your exam slip for May 2015 semester.
1. Foundation Students will remain in the same room. You don't have to return your room key and should continue your semester like normal.
2. Foundation student that are staying at V4C, V4D, V3C and V3D will be moved to another room at V3. The list for your new room and block will be posted soon.
Muhammad Hafiz Hadi Bin Sumardi,
President Residential College Support Unit

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