Dish Collection Bins at Cafe

Dear Students,
As part of the University's social graciousness initiatives, cleaning services of all cafes are only provided during office hours (7:30am - 4:30pm) throughout the week. All cafe patrons, students included, are requested to return used crockery and cutlery to the Dish Collection Bin provided in each cafe after every meal.
The Residential Village (RV) Department started this campaign in all RV Cafes, including Block M, few weeks ago. To encourage and inculcate the spirit of social graciousness, banners, stickers and notices are posted around the cafes.
Let's ALL support this global act of social graciousness and start returning all used crockery and cutlery to the Dish Collection Bins.
Together we can do it!
Muhammad Hafiz Hadi Bin Sumardi
Residential College Support Unit


Thank you.