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Beware pervert guy in v5 girl block

Recently, there is a serious case regarding the a guy entering a female residential that is in v5. We believe his intention is to steal the ladies undergarments. The ulterior motives behind the case is still unknown. But of course there are still unclear intention and as a precaution measure, we can assume the worst. The guy was trying to enter the female residential twice. On his first attempt during the midnight was believed is failed due to a aware resident shock him out although one of his feet was already in the room. This was happened before the mid term break that was Hari Raya break.

On the 2nd attempt, happened during the 3rd night of the break, was also failed at 11pm. This time was the guards in charge in the village shift their work time and perhaps the guard on duty are on their way. Fortunately, a group of female students who just came back from having their meal found him red handed. The bad thing was, he was already on the 4th floor of v5 K. There was an attempt to catc…

Just Return From Your Internship? Need a room?

Just return from your internship? Need a room?

1) Write a letter in the letter you should have: Contents:
- intro + your details + your request to have a room
- specific room you want to move to (put in table form)
- if you want to stay with your friends, you can share the same letter...
2) Send the letter to V5 supervisor and cc to Mr. Wan Tarmizi (via email), Manager of Residential Village
supervisor email:
BOYS send to - Mr Yusri :
GIRLS send to - Mdm Norashikin : cc to - Mr. Wan Tarmizi
So, male students have to send the letter to Mr. Yusri and Mr. Wan Tarmizi while female students have to send the email to Mdm Norashikin and Mr. Wan Tarmizi. Kindly attach the softcopy of the letter in the email.
Meet the Supervisor at V5 office to get your room key.

For your information, you can choose your own roommate. However you can only stay in the block assigned by the management. This is because the vacant blo…

Application for Final Year Students Staying in Hostel

Already in final year?

Need to stay over in UTP for your final project?

These smart steps may help you :

1. Call v5 office desk, and ask the supervisor in charge when they will start to charge for final year students that stay for their final year project

2. Before the day that all residents are being charged, all the residents shouldpay the extra fee(for staying during holiday) at the finance department (beside IRC)

3. Submit the receiptthat you have got from the finance department to theV5 office

4.Stick the noticethat you have got the approval from supervisor from v5 office outside your room door

5. Finally, you can start your final year project calmly, good luck.
Thank you in advance for following all the rules by Residential College management.

p/s: Warning! if you happen to broke the rules, you will be fined RM50 + for rent fees too...

How to Reserve Meeting Room?


Wanna Change Your Room?

Got a problem with your room?
You want a better place room in UTP?
Do you want to change your room now?

We have the solution for you

1) Write a letter

In the letter, you should have:

-Introduction (your details + your request to change)
-reason to change
-specific room you want to move to (put in table form)

2) Send the letter to your respective village supervisor (if SAME VILLAGE)
or send the letter to the Manager of Residential Village (if CHANGE VILLAGE)

3) Meet/mail your respective supervisor or Manager of Residential Village one week before the new semester begins to check the status

4) If success, get your new room key
or else try again next semester...

RECMO IX Best!!!

Recently, UTPRCSU had conducted an annual event called Residential College Mesra Outreach (RECMO) for the ninth time. This RECMO IX has been held on 26th of August untill 29th of August 2010. The programme which being held for 4 days and 3 nights is being organized at the Kampung Redang Punggor , Teluk Intan, one hour and a quarter from UTP.
As for the introduction of this RECMO, this year, RECMO programme will be conducted in Kampung Redang Punggor, Mukim Labu Kubong, Daerah Hilir Perak, Perak. Located at south of Perak, Kampung Redang Punggor have almost 800 people with the area of 6000 acre. It has been founded early 1980’s and has already gone through many development with their main economy activity which is palm oil plantation. The theme for this RECMO IX is BERSATU HATI, MENYULAM BAKTI.
The main objective of this programme is to fulfil our responsibility towards the community, especially to students who are less fortunate by activities such as motivational programme. This prog…